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We started using Insulated Concrete Forms about 5 years ago for several reasons. I think the main reason is because of how much cheaper it is to operate a home...summer and winter if you build with ICF.  I was also thinking about how safe an ICF home would be to live in.

I started using the first Insulated Concrete Form product I heard about....then another...then another until I finally rested with Quad-lock. Why Quad-Lock?  Because I can't find good help! Nobody cares about Quality anymore...all I could find were guys that just wanted a pay check. They didn't care if my business survived or not.

So I had to find an ICF product that could think for my employees. I couldn't sleep at night knowing that I had to continually fix mistakes and pay them to fix their own mistakes. When you're as fussy as I am...quality is paramount.

You will soon learn why I won't use anything but Quad-Lock Insulated Concrete Forms.  This product is amazing.  It also eliminates the use of a lot of wood bracing which is time consuming and expensive.  Bottom's all about Quality and using the product that requires the least amount of tweaking.

I hope my website helps a lot of people!  Keep reading and I hope you find what you're looking for. If not....just ask. I can't actually write the names of the product that we used on here  because I don't want anyone to think that I'm running other products down just to build Quad-Lock up. 

Quad-Lock Insulated Concrete Forms speak for themselves!

Wasted Insulated Concrete Forms

We started out using Product # 1 ICF block.  We found there was too much waste with them. There is about 2% waste with Quad-Lock Insulated Concrete Forms and if you design your home to fit the block there would be even less waste. Product # 2 ICF block has a higher waste ratio than Quad-Lock as well....about the same as Product # 1.

Looking at the photo to the right you will notice a common seam in the middle of the panel.  A common seam is where two panels meet and need to be cut.  Thanks to Quad-Lock....ties can be cut in half and placed 2" from the joint. These common seams are very strong. When you cut other manufacturers block, there could be 12" of unsupported space. Bring out the wood and screws and get strapping.

Insulated Concrete Form
Insulated Concrete Forms

Quad-Lock has a unique tie to panel system.  One tie holds two panels together and aligned. The Quad-Lock tie also keeps the panels from separating. Take notice how little space the tie uses, no chance of stopping the flow of concrete.  

WASTING TIME:  Product # 1 requires that you place vertical and horizontal wire clips at the joints to keep the ICF block from separating or lifting, this adds more cost to the project and time consuming too.  Product # 2 ICF block has the same issues, they require clips as well.

SOLUTION: Quad-Lock doesn't use clips.  Quad-Lock tie system ties one panel to the other automatically just by placing the tie 12" on center.  Click here to see a photo of Quad-Locks tie system.

WASTING MONEY & TIME:  Product # 1 Forms are 18" high which means we had to put rebar in every row. Product # 2 ICF block is 16" high and you have to place rebar in every row. Rebar is very expensive, hardware stores are selling 10mm for almost $10 a 20' length, plus the time it takes to bend and install the rebar in every row.  The horizontal rebar code is 2' on center. 

SOLUTION:  Quad-Lock ICF panels are 12" high so that means we place rebar in every other row. Less rebar and no time being wasted with bending, cutting and installing rebar. We get an amazing deal on rebar if you're interested in getting a price from us.

CREATING GARBAGE...WASTING MORE TIME & MONEY:  Because product # 1 blocks are 18" high, the top row of block has to be cut in half to obtain an 8' wall. Product # 2 block also have to be cut because they are 16" high. What do you do with the block that is cut off all the way around the foundation? Both the inside and outside of the wall. That takes a lot of time too. 

SOLUTION: The beauty of Quad-Lock is that their panels are 12" high which means there is no cutting or waste or hauling garbage away. 

RISK OF VOIDS & POOR QUALITY: We found that product # 1 ICF block system is fairly congested which causes concern for bridging or voiding. Product # 2 block is the same and also Product # 3 is very congested.  Product # 3 doesn't use clips but the plastic webs create a wall that hinders the flow of concrete. 

SOLUTION:  Quad-Lock has an amazing tie system that never interferes with the flow of concrete.  Especially around window and door bucks.  Voids and or bridging are caused from congested ICF walls, that means there could be places with no concrete in the wall.  The voids are easily fixed but I would rather use Quad-Lock and never have to worry about voids.

I placed 5 Quad-Lock panels on top of an assembled ICF block.  Most all of the ICF block systems are shipped already assembled and you're really paying to ship empty space.  Just to help you understand the difference...Quad-Lock ships 7200 sq ft of block to a load and assembled brands are being shipped at about 4500 sq ft.  Cost of shipping is approximately $4500 per load.

Insulated Concrete Forms

HIGH SHIPPING COSTS AND WASTED STORAGE SPACE: Product # 1-2 & 3 and any other preassembled ICF manufacture have to ship big bulky bags of corners, when shipping rates are through the roof! When you load your own trailer at your shop, you are taking the time and space to transport big bulky bags of corners.  When you get to the site you are handling big bulky bags of corners and those big bulky bags take up space in your work area.  More bags...more garbage.  

SOLUTION:  Quad-Lock Insulated Concrete Forms don't have big bulky bags of corners...they don't even have Styrofoam corners.  You can carry enough Quad-Lock corners to do a four corner foundation in one hand.  

The photo to the right shows Quad-Lock corners sitting on a Logix corner.  There are enough Quad-Lock corners there to do an 8' basement with 4 corners.  You would need 24 of Logix's corners to build the same size ICF foundation.  When it comes to shipping, storage and taking up space at your site...Quad-Lock wins hands down.

Insulated Concrete Forms

VERSATILITY & USER FRIENDLY: No other Insulated Concrete Form manufacturer has a T wall system like Quad-Lock. All other T Wall systems must be braced to prevent blowouts. No other  ICF System can build columns or pilasters like Quad-Lock pictured below. No other ICF system can transition from a 12" wall to a 4" wall seamlessly without spending hours on building wood bracing supports. No other ICF system can block out window and door openings that support themselves like Quad-Lock can. Click here to see photo's of door/window block out, four way corners, angle walls and regular corners.

For years I've watched contractors build wooden boxes for steel beam supports, ourselves included.  When we found Quad-Lock, we had no idea what we were in for. Quad-Lock has a simple to build, yet incredibly strong pilaster system. No hammer, no wood, no nails. Just a utility knife and Quad-Lock components.  The neat part about this is that the beam support is enclosed with ICF and there is no wood to tear apart.

Quad-Lock was the first ICF company to introduce the track system.  The track system allows the installer to start the ICF walls perfectly straight and square.  However...Quad-Lock designed the same track to be a top of the wall alignment system.  It does cost more but the finish product is amazing.  Very quick to align the wall and easy to trowel off the top of the wall.

Contact us to get access to the most user friendly Insulated Concrete Form System in the world.  We'll make sure you get the best pricing and you will have unprecedented support. The above information is just the beginning as I only touched on the obvious negatives and positives.  There is so much more to Quad-Lock and we would Love to be the one to show you.

If you have an opportunity to build a new home, be smart and build it with the best .  For an example on pricing click here!    The Quad-Lock system is without a doubt the right system for beginners.

Filling in the box below puts you in direct contact with me instantly...if it's between 7 am and 10 pm Atlantic time. My IPhone alerts me when I have mail so I usually check it right away.  But....if I'm going to explain something to you I would rather do it by phone.

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