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I'm in the concrete business so a concrete calculator comes in very handy when I'm pricing up a job. If you're like me, I always like to know the costs of my projects upfront. I don't like surprises. 

Most people don't realize how much it costs for concrete! I get calls all the time asking me what it would cost to do certain concrete work. So the concrete calculator will allow a lot of people to figure out their own quantities.

In New Brunswick you can expect to pay $160m-$180m for construction grade ready mix concrete. For decorative concrete mixes allow up to $230m for concrete and color.

If you're calculating a concrete slab, multiply the length by the width in feet and times the depth in inches.

If you're calculating a concrete wall, it would be the total length of the entire wall by the thickness of the wall (8" for standard forms) (6" for ICF house walls) (8" commercial ICF buildings)by the depth in inches.

Try it below!  30' X 60' slab by 6" deep would be about...25.49 meters or 33.33 yards.

A foundation that is 30 X 50 has 160' linear feet of wall by 8" thick and 8' deep would have 24.16 meters or 31.60 cubic yards.

You try it! A footing course for a 30 X 50 foundation would look like this... 160' long X 2' in width X 6" deep for standard foundations and 8" deep for 6" ICF wall foundations.  Commercial 8" ICF walls can have 10 to 12 inch deep footings.

We have an estimating software coming available to the public that calculates the amount of concrete, rebar, ICF block and man hours to complete the job.

Simply type in the length of the wall, the thickness of the wall and the height of the wall.  Then type in the window and door sizes of your ICF construction and it will deduct that amount of concrete from the total. 

I built the concrete table below to give you an idea of how much it will cost you for a foundation. There are ICF calculations as well! 

Mix : UV25X3MX

Linear ft price for 6" ICF wall 4 feet high...$9.00--$2.25--sq ft
Linear ft price for 6" ICF wall 8 feet high...$18.00--$2.25--sq ft
Linear ft price for 6" ICF wall 9 feet high...$20.00--$2.25--sq ft

Mix : UV25X3MX

Linear ft price for 8" ICF wall 4 feet high...$12--$3.00--sq ft
Linear ft price for 8" ICF wall 8 feet high...$23--$3.00--sq ft
Linear ft price for 8" ICF wall 9 feet high...$27--$3.00--sq ft

MIX : B25X514X

Linear ft price for 8" STD wall 4 feet high...$12.00--$3.00--sq ft
Linear ft price for 8" STD wall 8 feet high...$24.00--$3.00--sq ft

Linear ft price for 24" X 6" footing...$4.50
Linear ft price for 24" X 8" footing...$6.00

MIX : S322511X

Sq foot price for 4" thick slab...$1.75
Sq foot price for 6" thick slab...$2.50

The concrete calculator below should only be used as a guide.


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