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You have landed on the most passionate website of the world wide web. How many contractors do you know that would take time out of their busy schedules to build a website to help people they'll never meet?  This website is packed full of valuable information about things I enjoy doing and know very well.  

I work at this stuff everyday!  One day I'm over digging around a home to replace the draintile because their basement is flooding then the next day I'm digging for a new ICF foundation.  Some days I'm hauling gravel in to build a pad for a concrete slab to hold a steel building or whatever meets their needs.

I receive many emails from individuals I've never met or talked to, thanking me for my advice.  Do you know how good that makes me feel?  I'm sorry for being so blunt but the world is full of liars and deceivers, people want your money but they don't do quality work in return.

The next time you attempt a project around your home come back here and  see if I have information you can learn from.  If it's not here, please write me and get my advice.  

These are my passions:

  • Operating heavy equipment and moving earth.  Not just moving earth but shaping the land into something beautiful. Nothing would please me anymore then to give my talents to as many young heavy equipment operators as possible.
  • Saving people money is another passion!  Building energy efficient homes with Insulated Concrete Forms is one amazing way to save money and live 50% more comfortable. 
  • Easy to build steel buildings have been in my life since 1975. Steel buildings are great for storage and work shops.  With a little guidance, most people can erect their own.
  • I've lost track of how many older homes I've worked on to correct water problems. It may be reshaping around the home or digging all the way around to install a new drainage system.
  • One of my favorite passions is connecting people with the right information.  You need to remember one thing....not all contractors know how to do the right thing.

Come back often and share this website with all your friends!  Hope your project goes well.  

Project Description

Please note that the information you're providing is so that we can better assist you and we can predetermine how we can help you. The more details you provide the better we can understand your project. Unfortunately we can't do excavation work outside of New Brunswick and we have a radius that includes Moncton, Fredericton Saint John and Sussex.

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Topics covered on this website

  • Concrete
  • Foundations
  • Frost walls
  • Steel Building erecting 
  • Step footings
  • Building designs
  • Steel building prices
  • Foundation waterproofing
  • Garage slabs
  • Home designs
  • Thickened edge slabs
  • Building site preparation
  • Foundation drainage
  • Insulated Concrete Forms
  • Foundation repair
  • Decorative concrete 

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